Friends of Carrington Moss Response to the GMSF

The Friends group did a detailed response to the GMSF documents, following an in depth review of the materials issued on 21st January.

Friends of Carrington Moss Response to the GMSF

Key themes in our response

We were delighted to read that “The ultimate measure of the plan’s success will be whether it has helped to enhance the lives of all residents within Greater Manchester”!

The key themes in our response included:

  • The GMSF should be revised to a 15 year plan – this would mean NO green belt loss is necessary anywhere in Greater Manchester
  • We would like to see a true Brownfield first approach, with a more in depth exercise to be carried out (which fully engages the public) to identify additional brownfield sites – the CPRE are supporting this and have recently published their report which shows that there is enough suitable brownfield land available in England for more than 1 million homes across over 18,000 sites
  • The GMSF strategy should focus on unmet housing NEED – it currently seems to be very developer-led
  • Climate change, air quality and the importance of our natural environment should be at the forefront of decision-making, there should be NO builds on any carbon capturing peat mosses, and red listed birds and endangered wildlife should be protected
  • The Transport 2040 Strategy should put walking, cycling and public transport first (HS2 should not be supported – it is inconsistent with GMSF policies), more effort should be made to identify initiatives to make the car less attractive
  • There are many inequities and inconsistencies in the plan – we will highlight these in our blog over the coming weeks
  • Communication of the plan has, once again, been very, very poor and left for community-minded individuals and community groups to fund and deliver!

To access the GMSF documents issued on 21st January 2019, please click on this link

The plan for New Carrington is available at this link