Committee Reports

Annual General Meeting 24th September 2022

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Annual General Meeting 28th January 2022

Annual General Meeting 26th August 2020

Annual General Meeting 17th August 2019

Friends of Carrington Moss – Key Principles

The Friends of Carrington Moss will act in accordance with the following key principles:

Our long term aim is to become a charitable organisation. We, therefore, need to consider the impact of every action we take. With this in mind, our overarching principle is PROFESSIONALISM

• Professionalism – every communication we make will support this overriding principle
• Factual, frank and open – we will be accurate, truthful and honest in all our communications
• Inclusion – we will seek ways of actively involving, and maintaining relationships with, the digitally unconnected, the vulnerable and the timid members of our local society
• Information sharing – we will seek to share information in as accessible a way as possible


Friends of Carrington Moss

Communications & Media Strategy 2019

• All formal communications should support the broader FOCM aims and should be issued by a Committee member, unless otherwise agreed by the Committee

FOCM is a formally constituted community group and, as such, will deal with all communications in professional manner:

• FOCM will develop a positive, pro-active, two-way relationship with a wide range of stakeholders, including, but not limited to the stakeholder list included with this pack

• FOCM will develop a positive, pro-active, two-way relationship with various media organisations, locally, regionally and nationally • FOCM will respond to all media enquiries quickly, efficiently and within a realistic target deadline, all such enquiries will be dealt with by the Chairman or the Treasurer

• FOCM will seek appropriate media coverage in relation to specific activities and events (whilst it can be difficult to determine appropriate timing and content, particularly as what interests the media can be unpredictable, every attempt will be made for the right channels to be utilised for specific campaigns – it should be noted that FOCM sponsored “protests” will be used with caution and limited to specific campaigns, as such actions can be negatively perceived by many stakeholders)

• FOCM will rebut false or inaccurate information as soon as possible

• FOCM will track media coverage relating to FOCM as far as is possible.

Formal Reports from our Treasurer.

Whilst we will do a full report at our AGM later in the year, our Treasurer has provided the attached summary report of our funding to date.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generosity.  We continue to raise money to fund our planned activities and look forward to having some fun over the summer months, keep the fundraising ideas coming.