Trafford’s current Development Plan comprises
Trafford’s Core Strategy (adopted in 2012) and some saved policies from
Trafford’s Unitary Development Plan (2006)

These are the documents which all plans for development must currently comply with

Trafford is developing an updated Local Plan, which will sit alongside the emerging
Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) to form a new local Development Plan
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Links to the existing documents can be found here:

The GMSF is at odds with these previous strategic documents, which describe Carrington Moss as an area to be “conserved, enhanced and strengthened”, an “important area of ecological value”, a “designated Local Nature Conservation Site” and a “Special Landscape Feature”.  The Local Nature Conservation Sites were identified by Trafford BC as a result of a habitat survey carried out by the GMEU to a nationally approved method and updated by local knowledge.   The documents also describe the importance of the “protection and enhancement of the mossland as a carbon sink to mitigate the effects of climate change” and “the protection and enhancement of the sites of nature conservation and biological importance, including the Carrington Rides”.

Trafford is developing a new Local Plan document and first went out to public consultation in July 2018. This new version will sit alongside the GMSF documents to form a new Development Plan for Trafford.

You can find the latest information about Trafford’s Local Plan by clicking here

The Trafford Executive discussed the new Local Plan at their meeting on 14th December 2020. The next round of public consultation is due to start in early 2021. The Friends of Carrington Moss are reviewing the existing draft and will provide our commentary here in due course.

The Friends of Carrington Moss did a detailed response to the original consultation in 2018, our response can be downloaded here:

Trafford’s current Housing Strategy is available here

Trafford’s latest Statement of Community Involvement is available here