Friends of Dainewell Park (FODP)


Community Football comes to Dainewell Park

Skillz FC run football coaching sessions for children to learn new skills & have fun in an age appropriate environment.

For ages 5-12 years

If you would like your child to regularly attend the Skillz FC Saturday Club sessions please complete the form below for your child.  It is important that you let us know of any health conditions of your child that we should be aware of.  Please also read the Code of Conduct for parents/ guardians.

Please Note:

  • A child without the agreement of their Parent/Guardian/Carer will not be allowed to attend the Skillz FC sessions.
  • Your child will only be under the responsibility of the coaches once the SkillzFC session starts for the specified time of the session.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child prior to the specified start time of the session and after the specified finish time.
  • You will be notified immediately in the event of a Skillz FC session being cancelled.

You must complete a Registration Form for each child

SKILLZ FC  Registration – Saturday Club

In submitting this registration request, I confirm that:
I consent to my child attending the Skillz FC Saturday club sessions
I have read, understood and will abide by the Code of Conduct
I will notify Skillz FC coaches directly of any changes to the details on this form
In the event that the coaches are unable to contact a parent /guardian/carer in the case of an emergency, I give permission for my child to receive emergency first aid and, in extreme cases, be taken to hospital and receive treatment

If you prefer, you can download the form, print it out and either email it back to or hand it to a Skillz FC coach.

Privacy Notice

Skillz FC takes data protection very seriously.

The personal information that you provide to us for yourself and your child will only be used for the following purposes:

•          Ensuring the safety of participants for the duration of the Saturday Club sessions

•          Contacting you about your child

•          Contacting you about arrangements for the Saturday Club sessions

•          Providing grant monitoring information to our funders

Your information will not be shared with any other parties and will be retained only until the requirements of our funders have been met.

Health and Safety Policy

Skillz FC is strongly committed to encouraging our club attendees to take part, but the health, well-being and safety of each individual is always our paramount concern.  We recommend levels of participation dependent on age and ability and expect our attendees to participate within these boundaries.  We will ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and wellbeing of our coaches, volunteers and participants and will comply with all relevant Health and Safety Legislation.

We recognise the risk posed by Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our coaches, volunteers, participants, their parents/ guardians/ carers and their families and will take steps to minimise the risk of infection and the transmission of the virus as advised by Government, local authority and the FA.

Code of Conduct – Spectators and Parents/Guardians/Carers:

Play your part and observe The FA’s Respect Code of Conduct for spectators and parents/guardians/carers at all times.

I will:

  • Remain outside the field of play and behind the Designated Spectator Area barrier
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting, aggressive or abusive language or behaviour
  • Always respect coaches’ decisions
  • Applaud effort and good play as well as success
  • Remember that children play for FUN
  • Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do
  • Encourage the players to respect each other and coaches
  • Never criticise a player for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning.

Code of Conduct – Young Players

As a player, you have a big part to play. That’s why The FA is asking every player to follow a Respect Code of Conduct.

When playing football and when training, I will:

  • Always behave myself
  • Always do my best
  • Play fairly- I won’t cheat, complain or waste time
  • Never be rude to my team-mates, spectators or my coach
  • Listen to my coach and respect what he/she says

About Dainewell Park

Access via Hornbeam Close or Elmwood, Sale. M33. Car parking only available at the Hornbeam entrance.

The Friends of Dainewell Park (FODP) group was created in 2011 and formally constituted in February 2012 to develop and improve the park for the benefit of the neighbourhood. Our objectives include:

Engaging widely with stakeholders in the community (residents, local businesses, schools, agencies) to develop a plan of agreed improvements to the park

Implementing those improvements as funding becomes available

Organising events and activities which all members of our local community can participate in.

Consultation with residents, schools, people who use the park and those whose homes surround the park, has been, and remains, very important to the Friends Committee.  The initial high level plans for the park were presented at a public meeting in February 2012 and have been refreshed and communicated since that date via regular emails, social media communications and meetings and events which have been held on or near the park. 

Ensuring access to the park, and its facilities, for all members of our local community is a priority for the Committee and to facilitate this, we have worked with a school (Manor Academy) which adjoins the park.  Its pupils are all children with special education needs (SEN).  Previous joint initiatives include (for example) a maze, which the children designed, and an intensive sporting programme, led by FODP and Manor Academy, which saw children with SEN enjoying sporting activities (such as lacrosse, running, basketball, rounders, football, etc) with mainstream pupils from a number of other local schools

Images of Dainewell Park


Rob Chilton – Chair

Barbara Blaber – Treasurer

Dan Bunting – Secretary


details to follow