Public Rights of Way & Local Maps

Carrington Moss

If you (or a family member) have used routes across Carrington Moss and have not yet filled in a user evidence form to support our claims for public rights of way, please email We would particularly like to have more forms from horse riders if we are to be able to claim bridleway status.

Remember, we can make our claims on the grounds that the public has established a right of way by using these routes, on an uninterrupted basis, for over 20 years. That does not mean that the people who have used these routes, or parts of them, must show they used them every day, nor that the same person has used the routes over the whole 20 years. Regular use by a range of individuals to these overall routes, over the 20 year period, is sufficient. So, partial use of the way, or occasional use only over a limited period of time will be helpful in supporting our claim.

Local Maps

Dainewell Park and Carrington Moss

This walk is one of ten exciting routes designed to help you explore some of Trafford’s most beautiful countryside and parks on foot.

Courtesy of City of Trees

Manchester Birding Map

Map Courtesy Manchester Birding Group

Areas of Interest Carrington Moss

Map courtesy of Mersey Valley

Dainewell Woods Self Guided Trails

Trans Pennine Trail

The journey through Trafford stretches 14km (8.7 miles ). Entering from Warrington across the River Bollin, along the former Heatley Skelton Junction Disused Railway to Cinderland Crossing, Broadheath. This section was opened in 1998 and is managed by the Bollin Valley Partnership.

The route continues northwards along Dairyhouse and Sinderland Lanes to Carrington Moss. It passes through Dainwell Woods, a woodland resource owned by Shell UK up to Carrington Lane. The route continues along Banky Lane to a bridge across the river Mersey at Carrington Spur. The route continues along River Mersey and follows Kickety Brook to link Hawthorn Lane, Stretford to the Bridgewater Canal. This section of the Trail is managed by Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service on behalf of the Council. The route continues eastwards along River Mersey into Manchester through to Chorlton Water Park.

Within the Trafford area there are a number of car parks along the route: off Henshall Lane in Dunham, of Baltic Road/Atlantic Road at Broadheath, off Banky Lane – Ashton on Mersey, at Sale Water Park, Hawthorn Lane, and Turn Moss. (courtesy of the Things to do and see in Manchester website)