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Getting the community involved in the plans for our area!

The future of Carrington Moss is in YOUR hands

We host a public meeting once a month on 28th (to coincide with our 200 Club draw). We use these meetings to share our proposals and hear your suggestions, we sometimes invite external speakers to join us too, so look out for the information in our newsletters. The details of our next meeting are below. Click on the link underneath the graphic to join the meeting.

Many people have used various types of virtual meeting over the past few months but if you feel you need help to get connected for our meetings, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Record your wildlife sightings on Carrington Moss

Many of you are using Carrington Moss as part of your daily exercise routine and whilst you are out an about, you are highly likely to see lots of birds, insects, other wildlife and plants in this rich, nature-filled environment.

We’d like as many of you as possible to record your sightings to help confirm just how important the area is to endangered and at-risk species.  

Design a kite

Our Kite Design competition is open to all ages and we’re looking forward to seeing your Carrington Moss themed designs.  There will be prizes for the best designs (we’ll award the prizes at our next kite flying event), so just a couple of “rules” to be aware of

·        only one entry per person – send us a photo (by email, facebook or twitter) of your kite (if you’d like to share a video of the kite making, we will happily share that too as it may help others, sometimes videos are large files but you can use to send it to us)

·        if the entry is from someone under 16 years old, let us know their age and we will categorise appropriately (we appreciate younger children will need help with making the kite once it is designed)

·        the kite can be made of any material (for adults – aged 16 and older – we’ll be assessing its flying capabilities as well as its design)

·        once the rules about community activities become clearer, we’ll notify everyone about an end date for the competition but until then, we hope you’ll enjoy taking part in our competition.
In the meantime, our good friend Anna has put together this helpful guidance to make it easier to design and build your kites.


Thanks to those of you who have helped us to create the wide ranging list of potential activities and events for the year at our recent public meeting.  There are so many of them, we will try to take forward as many as we can, but we cannot do this without your help to organise and run them.  We are currently working with partner organisations and volunteers to get some of these activities underway, so if you have got time to help us, please do get in touch, we’d really welcome your support. Some of the activities are listed by Month because of the nature of the event or because they are already work in progress.  Others are listed by Season to help us focus on the timing.  If you have other ideas to add to the list, just let us know.

Thank you for your continued support.