There is a huge problem with suggesting that the New Carrington development will lead to public transport improvements for this area

Trafford has promised this before and has not delivered

see the Trafford page of our website for links to the Trafford UDP (2006) and Trafford’s Core Strategy (2012)
In Trafford’s Unitary Development Plan of 2006 and in Trafford’s Core Strategy of 2012
Carrington, Partington and Sale West are identified as “priority regeneration areas
with public transport improvements stated as being
core to delivering the regeneration!

So what are they telling us now?

The New Carrington Masterplan recognises concerns raised by residents about the “insufficient public transport service and connections (Bus, Train & Metrolink) available in the area”, yet makes NO commitments for improvements stating that “improving bus accessibility to New Carrington, Altrincham, and Sale should be encouraged”

Transport for Greater Manchester’s Transport Strategy has only one commitment for this area and that is the Carrington Relief Road across our peat moss!!!

There are NO commitments to public transport improvements, and no plans to bring the tram to the largest residential allocation in the whole of Greater Manchester. 

What they say is that “In the next five years, we aim to complete business cases for early delivery of…

New bus services to support the New Carrington and Sale West allocations to serve new development at Carrington with improved public transport links, particularly to and from the Regional Centre”

This has been confirmed in the response to our recent Freedom of Information Act request, in which TfGM state that There are currently no committed schemes to improve public transport in this area.

They go on to say “TfGM and Trafford Council are planning to take forward the development of business cases for two schemes in the area: a busway between Broadheath and Sale West, which could support the 19 service; and a bus priority scheme where the Cat5a route meets the A56 to improve journey times and reliability of buses between Partington and Altrincham”

These two schemes will not address the significant lack of public transport in this area, will do little to reduce isolation and change the current reliance on the car as the main means of transport to and from New Carrington and surrounding areas. 

We have now been waiting for public transport improvements for almost 15 years,
isn’t it time our Council made them a priority?

see our Alternative Transport Strategy
which sets out residents’ priorities, which are traffic calming schemes and public transport improvements

We need a masterplan that is influenced by residents – not by developers!


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