Join our Walk for Wildlife

And enjoy one of the songs we’ve written to celebrate Carrington Moss

Every decision being made by those who purport to act on our behalf MUST have the climate emergency at heart to ensure we can counter the catastrophic effects that are becoming so frequently reported (wildfires, floods, biodiversity loss – to name but three).

Yet, it is clear from the decisions being taken across GM, and here in Trafford, that the impact of climate change on future generations is NOT the priority and it seems that unnecessary accelerated economic growth takes precedence over the health and wellbeing of existing residents. 

Why unnecessary? Well do remember, GM Authorities state (in the Places for Everyone plan) that they have existing land supply for 170,000 dwellings BEFORE releasing green belt. That is sufficient homes for 400,000 people, against a predicted population increase of 158,200! And these figures do not include an estimate of potential windfall sites (schemes that are currently not known about, but historical trends suggest will come forward). They do not include estimates of permitted development schemes or what may happen to the massive over-supply of office space across the region (over 3.1million m2 available against demand for 1.9million m2).

The climate crisis will not be solved if those taking decisions do not prioritise the nature and climate emergency!  Like COP26 participants, our local politicians are making long-lasting choices that will affect our day-to-day lives, where we live and the biodiversity we rely on.  The decline of nature affects us all and threatens the survival of future generations.

So, why have they decided to release green belt sites that are essential for combatting climate change? Land that alleviates air pollution, that soaks up surface water flooding, that is home to red listed birds and endangered wildlife? Here at Carrington Moss, 169 hectares is now under threat because of the decisions made by our Local Authority. An area comprising GM’s best and most versatile grade 2 agricultural land (that could provide locally grown food to meet the needs of local people – sustainable, low carbon footprint, local produce), carbon sequestering woodlands and irreplaceable peat moss/wetland habitats.

These decisions have been made despite resident opposition, despite alternative options (including those put forward by ourselves and the impacted Parish Councils) and, most importantly, despite the declaration of a climate emergency, which Trafford Council made in November 2018, almost 3 years ago!

The existing ecology and biodiversity will be all but destroyed by the plans to construct 4 major new roads, and build 5,000 houses and 350,000 m2 employment space on and around Carrington Moss. The so-called green corridor that remains incorporates over 80 hectares of land that is used by businesses, so is not accessible to the general public and is certainly not going to become alternative wildlife habitats. This local decision means we (and future generations) are facing more frequent and more serious surface water flooding, significant increases to air, noise and light pollution – and do get ready for an invasion of rats and other pests because their nests on the moss will be disturbed once the construction starts. 

Come along on 6th November to show your support for action today not regrets tomorrow!

Along with many other groups, we are taking part in the Global Day of Action on 6th November 2021, a historic moment in the worldwide campaign for nature and climate justice.

As a Friends group, we have always conducted a very positive campaign, so with that in mind, we have written a number of songs to celebrate Carrington Moss.  We’re sure you will recognise all the tunes. As a starter for 10 (although we have only written 5 songs so far), we have chosen this song to support the Walk for Wildlife (click here for the words and some great photographs taken by various members of our group). Please share it with your friends and families. 

This next video (click here) shows various community members and groups singing a verse of the song, both young and old, local residents and users of the Moss, walkers, cyclists and horse riders.  Look out for the special effects and the outtakes at the end.

If you’d like to download the words to the song, they are available here.

So, please come and join us in this unique opportunity to stand with millions of other people from around the world, to focus on the impact of these decisions at a local level.  It’s YOUR chance to give nature a voice. 

By way of background, COP26 is the annual United Nations climate change conference (COP stands for Conference of the Parties).  It runs from Sunday 31 October 2021 to Friday 12 November 2021.

As has been widely reported, the science shows much more needs to be done to achieve the previously agreed aims.  World leaders need to take robust action because, if we continue as we are, temperatures will carry on rising, bringing even more catastrophic flooding, fires, extreme weather and destruction of species. 

The world needs to halve emissions over the next decade and reach net zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century.

Local politicians need to take action too.  Nature-based solutions, such as the restoration of our peat mosses, would help achieve the Region’s and the district’s carbon goals, efficiently and effectively.  Find out more here.

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