Putting Ecology on the Carrington Moss Map

At our AGM on Wednesday, we had two excellent and very interesting speakers.

We started the meeting with a quick poll in which participants told us whether they had visited Carrington Moss in the last week, how they had travelled, if they had seen any wildlife on the Moss and whether they had recorded it. 

Stuart then talked to us about the importance of recording all our bird and wildlife sightings, he told us a little about the records held by the GMLRC pertaining to Carrington Moss and provided some insights into the protected species found here.  There is a link to the recording site later in this blog.

James talked in a little more detail about the bird species on Carrington Moss, including the, red listed, willow tit.  He described our important habitats as the The Masai Mara of the North and shared a number of links to videos and blogs which may be interesting for our members (the links are embedded in the AGM slide pack – click on the button above).  James also mentioned Greater Manchester’s (virtual) Green Summit, which, this year, will be running from 21st to 24th September.  If you’d like more information, or to receive the links to a Welcome Pack for the GM Green Summit, please subscribe to the Green City Region mailing list.

Stuart and James responded to a number of questions from participants about a wide variety of issues.  More public (virtual) meetings and outdoor recording events (when safe to do so) will be held in the near future, but in the meantime, we’re asking our members to consider contributing to identifying the Carrington Moss Big Five

To support our aim to promote the ecology, the habitats and the wildlife on Carrington Moss, we’d like your help in selecting the species YOU think best represent Carrington Moss

Click here to complete our short survey to help us identify: the big 5 birds, the big 5 mammals, the big 5 insects and the big 5 flora

If you need a reminder about what is out there – take a look at our website at these links:

We’d like as many of you as possible to record your sightings to help confirm just how important the area is to endangered and at-risk species.  You can find out more about the GMLRC by clicking on this logo

If you are not sure which species you have seen, you can use an app such as iNaturalist to look up the species but it is better to record directly on the GMLRC site above.

Following these two outstanding presentations, we elected/re-elected our Committee, huge thanks to Jan for her support in doing this and a huge thank you to both existing and new Committee members for their continuing work on behalf of our communities.

You will find the updated Committee information on our website (click on the graphic to go to our Committee page).

We then briefly reviewed our Annual Report, click on the graphic to go directly to the report, highlighting our work on Air Quality monitoring in the area and providing a summary of progress against our key aims.

Following our finance report, we launched our very important Friends of Carrington Moss 200 Club, (click on the logo for more information).

We recognise that we may need to take legal and/or other specialist advice in the near future and this is expensive, so please do take the opportunity to join our little lottery.  It provides us with much needed funding and you with a chance to win a percentage of our takings.

We closed the meeting with an update on a number of important items, including:

  • Feedback on our Importance of Carrington Moss Survey
  • Our joint work with Carrington Parish Council to create a Balanced, Community Focused Transport Strategy for the area
  • Our next Master Plan workshop, which will focus on Air Quality
  • An update on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
  • An outline of the latest Government Consultations about the planning process.

More information about all these items will be included in our September newsletter.

We hope those who came along enjoyed our first online public meeting and will join our future online events.

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